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Understanding Muscles and Fascia - On-Demand Webinar

When our muscles are stiff, overworked or sore, we know we cannot perform at our best. It is the same for the horse. 

This comprehensive on-demand webinar delves further into muscle biomechanics, the different types of muscle contractions and when the horse uses them. Understanding this is vital if we are working and training horses. It can help us to better structure of training programs, prevent the muscle overuse sydrome and better understand when the horse is likely to be experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness. Gillian explains how different types of muscle contractions are used in difference ways of going and demonstrates practical ways you can care for the myofascial unit.

Fascia is important for posture, movement and force transmission. It also plays an important role in proprioception, reflexes, energy, feeling and potentially even the horse’s emotion. Its hydration is vital for slide and glide and proper functioning of the musculoskeletal structures. Healthy fascia is vital for a healthy horse. In this on-demand webinar, with the help of incredible photographs and video, Gillian explains and illustrates fascia so you can truely understand and visualise it.

Gillian also explains how understanding more about your horses’ muscle biomechanics, and the continuous web of fascia that surrounds them, can enhance his comfort, wellbeing and performance. 

S1 E1 Understanding the Horse's back recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside

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Price: £10
Running Time: 2 hours, 20 mins
Approved CPD training (2 points) with the British Horse Society

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This on-demand webinar was originally recorded on the

3rd February 2021 and is episode 1 of series 2.

Course Structure

This online lecture is divided into 2 main parts:-

1. Muscle Biomechanics

  • Muscle Contractions

  • Energy Saving Mechanisms

2. Fascia

  • What is Fascia

  • Functions of Fascia

  • Different Types of Fascia

  • Keeping Muscles and Fascia Healthy


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