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Evening Extravaganza

with Gillian Higgins

Date: 21st September 2024
Venue: Moulton College Equestrian Centre, Pitsford Centre, Gate 4 Pitsford Rd, Moulton, Northampton NN3 7QL

Improve your riding, training and equine management with this live painted horse, interactive lecture demonstration with Gillian Higgins. Learn how understanding about anatomy and biomechanics can help to improve your horse's posture, movement, comfort and performance. Marvel at the impressive movements and performance of our anatomically painted horses. Appreciate how different exercises and techniques affect their way of going and performance. This is an evening not to be missed. 

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Horses and Riders


We will have 2 very different horses at this lecture demonstration with the aim of showing variety movements from in-hand work to polework and dressage to jumping.


There will be something everyone can relate to.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 11.36.11.png

Molly Brown will be riding her advanced horse Kilrush Red. Molly is an advanced/ 4* young event rider who was longlisted for the pony Europeans in 2017. Based at Elms Farm Equestrian in Leicestershire, she has completed her PC A test and is currently working towards her BE level 2 coaching alongside producing and riding horses up to advance level eventing. 

Tina Canton, of Tinderbox Sport Horses, is a 4* event rider, BHSI Stage 5 Performance Coach in Complete Horsemanship, Centre 10 APEC Advanced Coach and Testt® Certified Coach. She will be lunging and riding Gillian's horse Toby at this lecture demonstration.

Event Programme

15.30: Doors open. Refreshments and Shopping.

17.00: Introduction and Welcome 

17.15: Anatomical Connections

Gain a valuable insight into the principles of anatomy and biomechanics related to improving the horse's posture, movement and performance. With the help of her anatomical paintings on horses, Gillian explains the role of the skeleton and muscles and using a variety of in-hand movements and pilates-type exercises Gillian will demonstrate range of movement and the impact of restrictions. 

18.30: Break

During the break you'll have the opportunity to ask Gillian questions, study the bones and anatomical models of the horse to further your learning.

19.30: Part 2: Anatomy in Motion 

This section of the lecture demonstration is jam-packed full of practical exercises, techniques and top tips that you can do with your own horse to improve his musculoskeletal health and performance. With one horse ridden and another on the lunge, the second half focuses on:- - 

  • Assessing and improving movement

  • Harmony between horse and rider

  • Riding from an anatomical approach 

  • Flatwork exercises to improve performance

  • The effect of polework

  • Gymnastic jumping

The rider will be wearing a skeleton bodysuit giving you the opportunity to study and understand how rider posture and position can influence the horse. 

20.30: Close

Ticket Prices:
Tickets in Advance: £35

Tickets on the door: £50 

VIP Tickets: £45

VIP tickets include a private meet and greet with Gillian and the horses, a welcome drink and the opportunity to ask individual questions before the lecture demonstration starts as well as the best seats in the house reserved. Limited to 30 people.

Why Attend this Lecture Demonstration?

After this lecture demonstration you will look at horses from a new perspective. Whether you are a coach, rider, horse owner or other equestrian professional, you will new learn practical techniques to improve your practises with horses. This is an amazing opportunity for everyone interested in horses to learn more about the anatomy of these amazing creatures and how they work. 

Who is this event for?

This really is an event for all equestrians whatever your level of knowledge and we urge everyone who owns or works with horses to join us for the event.

Earn CPD Points

This event is accredited by the BHS and is recognised by other organisations for CPD points.  3 CPD points with the BHS.​


About Gillian Higgins

Gillian Higgins equine anatomy horses inside out lumbar vertebrae pelvis.jpg

Gillian Higgins, founder of Horses Inside Out, is an anatomy and biomechanics specialist and leading equestrian educator. Her dynamic, enthusiastic presentation style inspires while she has an incredible ability to make a difficult subject fun, applicable and easy to understand. Gillian is passionate about horses, anatomy and sharing all she knows for the good of the horse. Having competed up to advanced level eventing, achieved her BHS Senior Coaching qualifications and completed multiple therapy qualifications, Gillian is in a great place to apply anatomy to riding, training and therapy.

During the applied evening demonstration, and with the internal anatomy painted on the outside of the horses, Gillian brilliantly explains in a clear, entertaining, memorable way how understanding our horses’ make-up allows us to ride, train and manage them efficiently and effectively, the best for the horse. 

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