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Thoracic Sling Muscles - On-Demand Webinar

Did you know that your horse doesn’t have a collarbone? With no direct bony connection (collar bone) the thoracic sling muscles in the horse need to be strong to support the forehand up between the front legs. Weak thoracic sling muscles influence the horse’s posture, movement and performance of the ridden horse.

This on-demand webinar looks, in detail at the anatomy of the thoracic sling muscles and how to assess their strength. and suggest appropriate exercises to stretch and strengthen them. . Posture and movement of the cervicothoracic junction and thoracic sling muscles are intrinsically linked so it is impossible to talk about one without affecting the other.

This webinar is for you, if you wish to improve your horse’s posture and way of going or if your horse goes:

  • On the forehand

  • Pulls himself along rather than pushing from behind

  • Runs or is strong

  • Prefers a hollow outline or goes with a high head and neck position

  • Falls out through the shoulder

  • Struggles to maintain good balance

S1 E1 Understanding the Horse's back recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside

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Price: £10
Running Time: 2 hours, 45 mins
Approved CPD training (2 points) with the British Horse Society

Watch Trailer

This on-demand webinar was recorded on the 

4th October 2023 and is episode 1 of series 6.

Course Structure

This on-demand webinar is divided into five main parts:-

1. Anatomy of the Thoracic Sling Muscles

2. Posture and Assessment

3. Cervicothoracic Junction

4. Exercises

5. Question and Answer


Anytime - Anywhere - As many times as you like!

Once purchased, you can watch this on-demand webinar at any time and as many times as you like from any device and from the comfort of your own home! Just make sure you are logged in and then watch it by pressing the button below.

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