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The Biomechanics of Collection and Engagement

Collection and engagement are not just for dressage horses. Strong hind-limbs with a good action is something all riders should strive for with their horses whatever your chosen discipline - good engagement and collection behind helps:- 

  • Support good back posture especially whilst carrying a rider

  • Develop balance and sure-footedness

  • Reduce the risk of injury

  • Improve the power and strength necessary for other activities such as jumping and polework.

Gillian focusses on the anatomy, biomechanics and connections of the hindquarters and back that every rider and coach wishing to improve collection needs to understand and considers how and why poor collection can potentially increase the risk of injury. 

Learn how to:- 

  • Assess collection and engagement

  • Consider strength vs weakness

  • Recognise good and poor posture and how to improve it

This on-demand webinar is a must for anyone wishing to improve the strength, action and posture of the hindquarters. It is full of ridden, in-hand  and pilates-style exercises that you can do with your horse to improve his collection and engagement.

S1 E1 Understanding the Horse's back recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside

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Price: £10
Running Time: 2 hours
Approved CPD training (2 points) with the British Horse Society

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This on-demand webinar was recorded on the 

4th May 2022 and is episode 4 of series 3. 

Course Structure

Following an introduction this on-demand webinar covers:-

  • Defining Engagement,

  • Collection and some other useful principles,

  • Anatomy of the Hind Limb Joints - including 

  • the sacroiliac joint and lumbosacral junction

  • How Back Posture Affects Hindlimb Action 

  • Muscular Connections and Actions relevant to Engagement and Collection

  • A Biomechanical Study of Piaffe

  • Ridden, Stable and In-hand Exercises to Improve Engagement and Collection 

"Excellent webinar! Thank you. Really useful information so well explained and illustrated and with really practical info as well. All horse owners need to watch this one!" 

Clare MacLeod, Independent Equine Nutritionist


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