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Gillian Higgins

Equine Musculo-Skeletal Assessments
Sports and Remedial Therapy

Animal Therapy
Sports Therapy

Equine Musculo-Skeletal Assessments in Florida 2013


Myofascial Release
Gillian Higgins

Massage for Horses


Massage Day Course for Horse Owners


Soft Tissue Release
Spinal Manipulation

Passive Stretching


Soft Tissue Release


Acupressure for horses
Electro Therapy for Horses

Electro-Therapy for Muscles


Movement Assessments South Africa 2012


Massage for Horses
Strengthening Muscles

Spinal Stretches


Yoga for Horses!


Trigger Point Therapy
Pilates for Horses

Massage, Mobilisation and Trigger Point Therapy


Pilates and Stretching for Horses


Equine Massage
Warm up massage

Equine Sports Massage


MusculoSkeletal Assessments
Therapy for horses

Improving Lateral Suppleness


Sports Therapy for Horses

Improving Flexibility

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