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British Horse Society Award of Merit

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

BHS Awards Saddlers Hall, London, Friday 27th November 2018

Award of Merit Gillian Higgins

Each year the British Horse Society holds an award ceremony at Saddlers Hall in London to recognise the long service, hard work and dedication shown by volunteers, societies, equestrian centres, coaches and individuals who give exceptional personal contributions to the equine industry and the BHS. The awards are presented by BHS President Martin Clunes.

Christopher Bartle received the President’s Award for exceptional service to the society over a period of years. Gillian was extremely honoured to receive the award of merit for services to the BHS.

Owned by the ancient Livery company for saddlers who today support saddlers with bursaries and training awards , Saddlers’ Hall was built in a neo-classical style and impresses with bespoke period furniture, historical antiquities and paintings. It was a wonderful venue for the ceremony.

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