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with Gillian Higgins


Watch the Evening Extravaganza on - demand. This is a performance not to be missed. Recorded live at Hartpury Arena on 23rd May with Laura Tomlinson and Simon Grieve.

Improve your riding, training and equine management with this on-demand live painted horse, interactive lecture demonstration with Gillian Higgins.

Learn how understanding about anatomy and biomechanics can help to improve your horse's posture, movement, comfort and performance.

Marvel at the impressive movements and performance of our anatomically painted horses.

Appreciate how different exercises and techniques affect their way of going and performance.


The Horses and Riders

Laura Tomlinson and Full Moon II


Olympic Gold Medalist and International Dressage Rider, Laura Tomlinson rides her lovely advanced dressage horse Moony.

Laura has competed at the World Equestrian Games, the European Championships, 2 Olympics and a number of other high profile shows throughout her career.
She was a part of the gold medal-winning team at the London 2012 Olympics and also took home an individual bronze medal with her Danish Warmblood Mistral HØjris (Alf).

Simon Grieve and Autograf


5* event rider Simon Grieve, together with his 3* horse, Autograf, is literally turned inside out to show skeletal and muscular anatomy in jumping action, as they take part in the Horses Inside Out Evening Extravaganza.

As a rider, Simon has competed regularly at top level in eventing for the past 15 years. He has contested 18 5* events (Burghley, Badminton and Pau) as well as winning just shy of 100 national events too.

Jessica Limpkin and Eric


Jessica Limpkin is a Horses Inside Out Brand Ambassador and an Equine Sports Massage Therapist who specialises in improving performance.


In this Horses Inside Out Extravaganza she presents her lovely 15hh Welsh Cob Eric in hand during the extravaganza.

Jessica and Eric enjoy dressage ridden and in hand, performing liberty work and hacking round the Malvern Hills. Eric gives a great demonstration of Pilates exercises, groundwork and polework during this presentation.

What's Included

Lifetime on-demand access to all videos

Part 1 - Anatomical Connections and Getting the Basics Right

(1hr 16 minutes)

Gain a valuable insight into the principles of anatomy and biomechanics related to improving the horse's posture, movement and performance.


With the help of her anatomical paintings on horses, Gillian explains the role of the skeleton and muscles and using a variety of in-hand movements and pilates-type exercises Gillian demonstrates range of movement and the impact of restrictions.


It's jam-packed full of practical exercises, techniques and top tips that you can do with your own horse to improve his musculoskeletal health and performance.


With Eric on the lunge we assess and compare the 3 basic gaits and study the effects walk, trot and canter poles on the biomechanics of the horse.

This event is accredited by the BHS and is recognised by other organisations for CPD points. 3 CPD points with the BHS.

Part 2 - Jumping from the Anatomical Approach
(32 minutes)


With Simon Grieve riding his 3* event horse Autograf, gain the opportunity to study the effect of polework.


Observe the change in biomechanics and jump shape with different gymnastic jumping exercises and appreciate the importance of rider balance and position with Simon in a skeleton Bodysuit


Part 3 - Dressage Dissected and Dressage to Music Finale

(33 minutes)

Building on the previous session in this part of the lecture demonstration we will focus on assessing and improving movement with exercises and a good warm up, the biomechanics of bending, collection and lateral work.


With Laura riding in a skeleton body suit we will study horse and rider harmony, interaction and the importance of timing and balance. 


I am excited to be riding at the Horses Inside Out lecture demonstration at Hartpury in May. As riders and trainers, it’s so important that we learn as much as we can about the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse. With this knowledge we can improve the way we train and care for our horses and ensure that they are as happy and comfortable as possible.”

Laura Tomlinson

Why Purchase this Lecture Demonstration?


Learn tips, exercises, techniques you can do with your horse

Learn how to improve performance, comfort and reduce the risk of injury
Marvel at skeletons and muscles in motion

Come away with a new perspective

on horses

Better understand horse's posture, movement and performance. 

Learn new in-hand movements, polework and pilates-style exercises 
Appreciate the importance of rider balance and position with the help of top riders in skeleton body suits.


Learn how to assess horse movement

After this lecture demonstration you will look at horses from a new perspective.

Whether you are a coach, rider, horse owner or other equestrian professional, you will new learn practical techniques to improve your practises with horses.


This is an amazing opportunity for everyone interested in horses to learn more about the anatomy of these amazing creatures and how they work.

Who is this on-demand lecture demonstration for?
This really is an event for all equestrians whatever your level of knowledge and we urge everyone who owns or works with horses to join us for the event.



Photos from the Extravaganza

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