Anatomically Painted Models


"Eye catching, colourful, beautiful anatomical artwork."

In addition to live horses Gillian Higgins produces anatomical models.


As well as horses, ponies and a foal Gillian has also produced 2 hares and an elephant for charity. 


These anatomical models are suitable for teaching, advertising, marketing, attracting attention or simply to enjoy.

They can be commissioned to include the anatomical structures of your choice or finished in a 'word art' style.

Commissioned models start from £250. If you would like more details please get in touch.

Anatomical Sculpture


Using bones and the medium of sculpture Gillian has also created produced some insightful anatomical models.

In recent years Gillian has partnered with the world famous sculptor, Judy Boyt, as well as running courses for sculptors, the partnership are producing accurate anatomical sculptures for teaching and as pieces of art in their own right.

If you are interested in purchasing these anatomical model sculptures please get in contact


Anatomical Specimens


We have a range of pony bones and skeletons which Gillian uses in her teaching and on her courses.

Anatomy Exhibitions


Every other year we have an anatomy exhibition at our annual conference. The next anatomy exhibition will be at the 2022 Annual Conference.


If you are interested in attending or arranging an anatomy exhibition do get in touch.