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Published on 20th November 2020

A Comprehensive Multimedia Publication

"This is our most exciting, in-depth and adventurous project yet."


Immerse yourself in this detailed comprehensive study of horse movement from the anatomical perspective. 

Of interest to trainers, coaches, therapists, vets, riders and equine professionals from all disciplines.

 Anatomy in Action is available as a beautiful, quality, hardback book, a detailed, high definition movement video course or both.


Illustrating the versatility, elegance, strength, beauty, and athletic prowess of the horse in motion, this is a resource to savour, scrutinise, analyse, interpret and relish for years to come.


Hard Cover Book




Video Course 







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The Concept

The aim of this project, which has been 5 years in the making, has been to create both a stunning photographic record and a quality educational catalogue of equine movement. 


Inspired by my love of the beauty, sensitivity, versatility and agility of the horse, my dual passion of anatomy and art has been fuelled by both Edweard Muybridge’s publications on animal locomotion and Stubbs’ anatomical drawings. I hope my images and videos also become a timeless resource for the future.


Captured by our wonderful photographer Matthew Roberts, and presented as a progressive series of images in fold out pages, the book has been designed to enable you to imagine what is happening under the skin and to enjoy the versatility, elegance, strength beauty and athletic prowess of the horse in motion.


The movements are not intended to be perfect; the horses are all working towards achieving their personal best.


Although some knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics is useful, it is by no means a pre-requisite to your appreciation of the book. The images can be enjoyed by the amateur who, is in awe of the capability and elegance of our noble friends or, by the more professional who will study observe, analyse, interpret and learn from how the horse moves.

The Content

Each of the series of images is accompanied by a short biomechanical explanation of the movement together with a key observation which can also be applied to other movements throughout the book.


To enhance your experience, hone your skills of observation and enable you to enjoy the images, there are corresponding videos of multiple horses taken from a variety of vantage points. These are accompanied by voice over explanations and can be accessed via the link or QR codes located on each page.

The corresponding videos enables the reader to consider the anatomical and biomechanical implications of the horses’ progression towards accuracy, rhythm, suppleness, contact, impulsion, straightness and finally collection.


This book will take time for you to study and absorb the detail and implications of all that can be seen in its pages.


I hope you enjoy the book and video course as much as we have in the making.


Thank you,



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Beautiful and Informative

Inside and Out

Enjoy this large, striking, unique, fold-out anatomical catalogue of movements from Horses Inside Out. Compelling skeletal photographic images accompanied by concise explanations of each movement together with clever video links complete with the author's commentaries make this book a treasure trove of biomechanical insights for the amateur and professional alike.


Illustrating the versatility, elegance, strength, beauty, and athletic prowess of the horse in motion, this is a resource to savour, scrutinise, analyse, interpret and relish for years to come.


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