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Biomechanics of Lateral work - On-Demand Webinar

Leg-yield, shoulder-in, travers - all exercises that you use each time you school your horse. When ridden correctly these lateral movements can be powerful suppling exercises for the back, pelvis, thorax, neck and body.

To perform lateral work well requires balance, rhythm, impulsion, strength and suppleness and is also dependent on the degree and control of elongation of the myofascial chains.

Having a thorough understanding of exactly how your horse creates sideways movement will help you ride lateral movements more effectively and harmoniously. It’s important to learn the biomechanical variations of different lateral movements such as leg-yield v’s half-pass, shoulder-in v’s renvers and travers – as well as recognising factors that challenge lateral movement.

In this on-demand webinar Gillian explains the biomechanics of lateral work, bringing it to life with her signature anatomical painted horses and slow-motion videos. This is a unique opportunity to study this subject in great detail.

Gillian suggests mobilising, strengthening and stretching exercises to improve your horse’s lateral work. A must watch for all riders, coaches and therapists. At the end of this webinar not only will you have a better understanding of the biomechanics of lateral movements but also techniques for assessing and improving them.

S1 E1 Understanding the Horse's back recorded webinar Gillian Higgins Horses Inside

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Price: £10
Running Time: 2 hour, 30 mins
Approved CPD training (2 points) with the British Horse Society

Watch Trailer

This on-demand webinar was originally recorded on the

5th October 2022 and is episode 1 of series 4.

Course Structure

Following an introduction this on-demand webinar covers:-

1. Defining Lateral Movements

2. Benefits of Lateral Work

3. Causes of Lateral Limitations

4. The Forelimb's Contribution to Lateral Movement and exercises to improve it

5. The Hindlimb's Contribution to Lateral Movement and exercises to improve it

6. Hindlimb movement and the back

7. Polework exercises to improve lateral movements 


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