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Equine anatomy
Standing Pony Skeleton

Horse Skeleton
Horse skeleton

Anatomical Specimens:

We have a range of pony bones, skeletons and anatomical models.

Gillian also uses a number of the specimens and models in her teaching and on her courses.


Anatomy Exhibitions:

Each year we have an anatomy exhibition at our annual conference.

If you are interested in attending or arranging an anatomy exhibition do get in touch.


If you have any questions or are interested in seeing our current collection please email


Horse anatomy

Horse Spine
Thoracic vertebrae showing immature growth plates

lumbar vertebrae
Lumbar vertebrae

Sacroiliac Joint
Bones of the hindquarters

Pelvis with a fractured ilium
Sacroiliac joint with pelvis showing a broken ilium

Gillian Higgins Anatomy
Standing Skeleton

Horse Skeleton


"Anatomy reflects function."

Gillian Higgins

"Study the bones of a horse well...
and they will tell you a story.

Gillian Higgins


"Anatomy is Destiny"

Sigmund Freud



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